• Tailored services to match your needs

  • Tailored services to match your needs

  • Tailored services to match your needs

  • Tailored services to match your needs

  • Tailored services to match your needs

Warhorse Disability Support Services aims to surpass your expectations both in terms of the experience you receive but the results you get. Our distinctively different approach to support provides you with unparalleled support that is tailored to you and your needs.

Warhorse broadly means “someone who has fought many campaigns or contests”, a statement that strongly relates to our approach to client supports – working hard alongside our clients to breakthrough challenges to realise desired goals.
We work with a range of clients in their homes or centrally located at 95 Myrtle Creek Ave, including registered NDIS participants people those recovering from injuries sustained at work.


Our Mission is to make a positive difference to your life by promoting your choices and giving back your independence.

Through effective management and our dedicated professional team, we provide creative solutions to your situations, tirelessly working with you to tailor supports that take your life in a new direction. Our focus is heavily on providing premium quality care services and an overall experience that is better than any other you’ve had before.


Our Vision for your future is to empower you through building enduring capacity that will help you achieve your goals. Our team believe in the philosophy of person-centred care and achieve this through transparency and collaborating strongly with you so that our team can deliver the highest quality care.


We aspire to create a better future for you and the disability community through our strong values of equality for all, compassion for your needs, independence and personalised care to be the leaders of innovation for the care you need.

Meet our Director

Mr Paolo Rossi is passionate and determined to deliver the highest quality of care to all those who need it. He established Warhorse Disability Support Services in November 2017 to bring his vision and valued years of experience to those in need. The name Warhorse was inspired by Paolo’s passion for horses and the belief in the historic military concept of a Warhorse, which the business embodies proudly with passion.

Paolo is determined to do anything possible to improve the lives of their clients and work tirelessly like a Warhorse, always tailoring his services to the client and never giving up on helping them achieve their goals.

With over 20 years of experience as a personal care assistant in the disability sector Paolo has obtained the following qualifications:

  • Certificate III Care Support Services for Nursing Assistants
  • Certificate IV Disability
  • Diploma of Remedial Massage
  • Certificate of Forensic Medicine